Back again for the October 2015 Exam.

We have compiled a Consensus Answer Key based on a consensus of over 30 of our students taking our Broker Exam Prep Course. We have done this every year and our Consensus Answer Key has consistently been within 3 to 7 points away from the official answer key released by CBP weeks later. We were 4 questions off the April 2015 exam!!  We have a very good success rate when we review and create our Consensus Answer Key.

If you want to compare your answers to our Consensus Answer Key and get a very good idea of how you did on the exam, please fill in your answers for all 80 questions.

You must be a registered user of this website before you begin to enter your answers.  You can login or register here:

For any technical questions please contact: Global Training Center.

When you are done with the answer sheet, head over to our conversation on this topic here: October 2015 CBP Broker Exam Discussion Group

If you want to see how you rank with others who provided their answers or to see full stats per question go here: October 2015 CBP Broker Exam Stats.

Good Luck!

October 2015 CBP Broker Exam - Consensus Answer Sheet


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