Export Documentation

Expand your export business and provide stellar service to your foreign buyers.  An in-depth understanding of export procedures combined with a study of the appropriate documentation will give you a valuable advantage in making your international trade business a success.


Letters of Credit

This training includes UCP 600 and Alternative Payment Methods. Learn to fully comply with Letters of Credit requirements. Get involved in the set-up process, learn the basic terminology and significance of various documents, and learn how to prevent and handle discrepancies.


International Logistics

Take the fear out of international shipping. Learn to control your international shipments by directly coordinating your documents with transportation rules and procedures.


Tariff Classification

The classification and valuation of goods are major decisions!! This is critical information not only for duty purposes, but also to determine whether goods are subject to quotas, restraints, embargoes or other restrictions. Recommended for exporters, importers and for NAFTA qualification to determine the correct Tariff Classification Number and Schedule B Number.



Rules of Origin and Record Keeping. Know whether or not your product should be shipped under the NAFTA Rules. Learn the rules to qualify and classify your goods under the NAFTA Agreement, and review in detail the NAFTA Certificate of Origin. This training prepares a company for shipping into Mexico and Canada under the NAFTA rules.


Preparing for C-TPAT

C-TPAT is a voluntary government-business program to build joint relationships that strengthen and improve overall international supply chain and U.S. border security. This program is for small, medium and large businesses. Learn how to set-up C-TPAT. In addition t essential security benefits, learn about C-TPAT benefits such as reducing the number of inspections.


Import Documentation

Designed to help commercial importers become more aware of their regulatory obligations and devleop strategies for improving trade compliance within their organizations. Training focuses on the import entry processes and the fundamental disciplines required for making an entry.


Import Audit

Importers: are you prepared for your Customs audit? Protect yourself from business disruption, fines and penalties that can result from regulatory intervention from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Learn how to prepare for a Focused Assessment. Explore strategies for self-auditing your import program. Learn record keeping requirements, how to exercise reasonable care and more!


Incoterms® 2010 Rules

Understand the “terms of sale” of your goods being purchased or sold. Understand the seller & buyer’s rights and obligations with respect to the shipping or transportation of goods.


Exporting to Mexico

Learn the documentation requirements for US/Mexican Customs, how to avoid delays, mandatory labeling requirements, Mexico Tariff Schedule & Trade initiatives.


Exporting to Canada

Facilitate your Exporting to Canada. As the world’s largest trading partnership with the U.S., it’s important to know the Canadian Customs requirements. The curriculum in this class has been designed to provide a comprehensive guide for the requirements for shipping products to Canada.


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