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Learn trade and customs compliance online through courses created to target specific subject matter.  We will constantly be adding new courses, so if you have a suggestion please let us know.

Talk to the Experts

Our community is filled with industry professionals with many years experience.  Connect and communicate with others to get help or engage in an off-line conversation for consulting or other legal advice.

Communicate with Peers

Join our community and post questions to your trade compliance needs or answer questions to help others.  Become a community expert by earning reputation and recommendations from other members.


Learn anytime, anywhere!

Now you can take trade compliance training at your convenience and not on a scheduled date or time when you may have a conflict.  Training is on-demand so as long as you have an internet connection, you can take training from work… or at home!


Stay connected with your mobile devices

Our learning community allows you to connect, socialize, and take training courses from any mobile device.  The entire website is optimized to provide you with a great mobile experience regardless of what device you use to connect.


Make friends, share knowledge, get recognition

In the crowd you can connect with other trade professionals and share your knowledge on different topics or ask questions if you need help on a trade related issue.  Earn achievements, badges, and points as recognition for your activity in the community or as you take courses, answer trade challenges, or attend training.

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